Sunday, September 20, 2009

Handmade in Melbourne Winners

Thanks to everyone who entered the giveaway for the Handmade in Melbourne books. It was so lovely to sit with a cuppa and read your comments. I found myself nodding and smiling and nodding again! I feel lucky to be surrounded by such inspired, connected and creative kindred spirits.

While I was sitting reading the comments, Mr joined me and started reading them too. Which gave me an idea. You see, while I get the whole random number generator thing, my issue was that I asked you to do something, not just leave a random comment. I asked you to think about your answer. So to then choose randomly didn't feel like I was doing you justice. But because I wanted to make everyone win, I took advantage of Mr's interest and asked him to choose the winning comments. I figured he was an unbias judge.

So Mr narrowed down the pile but as there was more than 5, I randomly pulled 5 from his pile. So I did resort to some randomness, but some I could live with!

Anyhoo, that was the long way to say congratulations to Kate from Craftastrophies, Miss Muggins, Leonie from Raglan Guld, snowflakes4sam and Mary from ChickenFlowerTots who all have a copy of Handmade in Melbourne with their name on it (not literally!).

Thanks again to everyone who took the time to comment.

PS.... I also wanted to tell you about this post I read by Sally at Virtually Sally. It is just beautiful.


Angie said...

A lovely link to Sally's post, I'm just catching up on some blog reading, glad someone else is also awake at this hour!

Tania said...

Congratulations all you deserving winner-ers! And Virtually Sally - you said it so well.

Miss Muggins said...

Thanks Nikki, so excited to have won.

Leonie Guld said...

Yeh!!!!!!! Thank you!!!

Christina Lowry said...

Lovely winners and lovely comments. I can understand why it was so hard!

My blog has turned one, so I am having a little giveaway to celebrate. Hop on over if you want to enter! :)

Cathy (tinniegirl) said...

Congrats to the winners, and a lovely post by Virtually Sally.

snowflakes4sam said...

Thanks Nikki - not only for you fantastic giveaway but also your inspiring blog. I'm about to embark on some barn making and look forward to seeing your latest projects. Cheers - Sam :)