Sunday, May 31, 2009

The swap - What I received

So my swap package arrived and yes, I did go and met the mailman! It was a bit exciting. And you can see why - check out my loot....

A little tote from Xena, a tissue holder from Sandra, a felt brooch with a covered button from Michelle, a keyring and brooch from Cam....

Handmade cards from Tania, hair clips and ties from Anna, a reversible glasses case from Fran...

A pen holder from Vickie, a pendant from Amanda and a zip purse from Aimee.

Thanks to everyone who swapped with me. It was great to see the time, effort and love everyone put into their items. And a big thanks to Cass for her time in organising and coordinating the swap. I'm already looking forward to my next swap...

Friday, May 29, 2009

The swap - What I sent

The Snailblazer Swap is done so I can finally show you what I made... 10 FROGS!

As I got such great comments from the magnets I made my kids, I decided to make frog magnets as my swap item.

So 10 little frogs were put together and named.... Frank*. Frank the Frog.

I couldn't resist taking a photo of all the Franks lined up, ready to be sent. It made me feel like I was getting ready for a market stall. Maybe one day....

Now my fingers are crossed that my fellow swappers love Frank as much as my kids and I do. My package has just arrived so I have to go and check it out. Woo hoo!! I am very excited... will post about it soon...

*For those of you wondering, Frank was named after the character Frank Rossitano, played by Judah Friedlander in 30 Rock. A show that I happily lose many, many hours watching and re-watching and laughing right through to my soul!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

It's Tuesday and I can't wait...

It's Tuesday and I can't wait... to finish by babies' 1st birthday presents. Their birthday was last week but rather than feel terrible they weren't finished on time, I'm going to feel good that I have given lots of cuddles, wiped lots of snotty noses and changed way too many nappies as both kids suffered through their first colds and bout of gastro!

We will celebrate soon with finished presents, cakes and balloons.

Thanks for Louise from Buttons By Lou Lou for starting and hosting It's Tuesday and I can't wait.... Visit Louise to see who else is playing...

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Cot Danglies

I wanted to put something in my babies' cots for them to look at and touch in the times when they wake up early or are trying to go to sleep. Being highly aware of the safety issues associated with SIDS, I played around and came up these "Cot Danglies".

They are each a different shape and have a different texture so they are interesting to touch, and are filled with wadding. I sewed a wipes packet into the square to get a crinkly feel.

I put elastic in the cord so they can be pulled and will bounce back, and they are attached to the cot with a big bit of velcro that needed a man's strength to break (yes, we tested this!).

They are just a simple little thing, but they do the job!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Giveaway Bonaza!

It seems May is the month for giveaways. Lucky us!!

Here are some you might like to check out...

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I have my fingers tightly crossed....!!!

Friday, May 8, 2009

A Bag for Mum

I wanted to make Mum something for Mother's Day but I didn't know what to make. I was getting frustrated as time was ticking by. Then I saw this tutorial on Little Birdie Secrets and I cheered! A vinyl lined bag to carry your wet bathers. You see, my Mum isn't a fan of exercise but she has just started going to Aqua Aerobics several times a week... and I am very proud of her.

The bag is 35cm x 26cm with a heavy cotton outer and vinyl lining. I added a zipper pocket on the front for Mum to put her keys, phone, spare change, etc and a loop so it is easy to carry.

The liner is heavy duty vinyl so it is very waterproof (great for wet bathers), extra strong and gives the bag structure.

I cut the outer fabric too small (agggghhhhh!) so to fix it, so I made some binding (thanks to the fab Bias Tape Maker I bought from Nicole Mallalieu Design) and sewed it around the edge. I think it worked out OK.

I loved making this for my Mum because she is excellent!

The Shirt Dress

While recently reading one of my current favourite blogs MADE, I read about a sewing group blog called Presser Foot. As their blog says, they 'invite sewers from everywhere to unite on common projects'. Their current project is something I have been looking at adoringly on MADE since I first saw it.... The Shirt Dress. Dana from MADE has transformed a man's shirt into a dress for her 3 year old girl and then created a tutorial on how to make it. I loved the idea of Presser Foot so I have joined in and added a Shirt Dress to my project list.

Yesterday I headed down to the local Op Shop and found my shirt. I'm going to make the dress for my niece who is 4 and because it's almost Winter, I decided on a demin shirt which will make a better Winter dress... I hope this still works OK...

So here's the shirt.... stay tuned for what happens next!

PS... I nervously sent my first swap goodies to Snailblazer on Wednesday. Because it's a surprise until you get your swap package, I can't tell you what I made... but here's a sneak peak.