Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I love Whippets!

I do love Whippets. They are so quiet and gentle and seem at peace with the world. I could learn a lot from Whippets!

A whippet I read about a lot about is Bitzer Maloney, one of Hairy Maclary's friends (did I say a lot, I meant every day, several times a day!). But a whippet I met recently is Pippi who lives over at Whippet Good.

I met Pippi when I vistied Bronwyn at Whippet Good who had a giveaway as part of the big Sewn giveaway. Well Bronwyn emailed me yesterday to tell me that the good old random number generator picked me! Thankyou RNG.... I am very excited. The giveaway is some beautiful fabric and trim and a quilt pattern. Something I have been wanting to have a go at but am a bit scared. Maybe this is the encouragement I need.

A big thankyou to Bronwyn... and Pippi!


Bronwyn said...

Oh I love and adore Hairy Maclary and his friends (of course 'Bitzer Maloney all skinny and boney' is a fave!) You have nailed Whippets exactly - very gentle, calm souls. So pleased that the RNG picked you too!

Treacle Beak said...

How are your "embroiderer's fingers" today, Nik? Hairy Maclairy is a big favourite of mine too, to read to my grandchildren. Congrats on your win from Whippet Good!