Friday, March 20, 2009

Don't forget the ceiling

I like the idea of my kids having something to look at when they are lying in bed. They had mobiles on their cots when they were tiny but I had to take them when I found my daughter using her newly found skill of sitting up to tug on one of the hanging toys. That could only end in disaster.

This is what I came up with...

I have a thing for stars so it was the obvious choice. I used coordinating material for each hanging, with the stars being slightly different shapes. To add something extra to look at (and some bling!), I put three clear beads on the ribbon between each star.

It seems to be a done thing that we hang, stick and hammer things onto bedroom walls for children to look at. When thinking about your baby's room or when buying a present for someone.... don't forget the ceiling!


Mark Fitzgerald said...

You made me look up. Those cobwebs on my ceiling will need dusting. Stars would be much nicer!

My Black Cardigan said...

I have just the fabric to make stars for you! It's off an old couch that I am recovering... but I think it would be perfect for you. Leave it with me.... xxx