Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Totem's Fish

In my last post, I mentioned my friend Totem*, who has been (to say the least), not all that encouraging about my neckwarmer. In fact, to quote, she said "are you also going to knit leg warmers to go with that?". Hummmmm.... hurtful!

Now while she's not into neckwarmers or legwarmers, Totem is a little crafty, something she did not confess until after many cups of teas and hours sitting on her couch. For her girls' 1st birthday, she decided to make some fish to hang in their bedroom (she knows not to forget the ceiling!). Although based on something we saw in a shop, she made her own fishy shape, then hand stitched the eyes and machine sewed the fish together. It had been some years since she sat in front of a sewing machine and was a bit nervous, but shouldn't have been. She's doing a great job!

To finish them off, Totem is planning some fancy bead work on the ribbons... I'll ask if I can take a photo when they are finished and "swimming" in her girls' bedroom....

*Totem is not her real name but an affectionate acronym, made from my very early description of my new friend.... "The Other Twin Mum". But Totm didn't quite look right, so I added a word... "The Other Twin Excellent Mum" to get Totem. This was an easy fix because excellent she is!

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