Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Bunny and his carrot

I was lucky enough to spend Friday evening with two of my favourite people, JT and Macca. We had planned to head over to their place for dinner which based on past experience, I knew would be delicious.

True to form, Macca did not disappoint and cooked up an amazing meal of homemade gnocchi and cannelloni (yes, I said homemade.... from scratch!). Impressive doesn't seem to explain it. This was then followed up with rhubarb crumble. It was an incredible meal.

Knowing they would spoil us with delicious food and good company, I wanted to take something to give to our gorgeous friends.

I pulled out my box of felt, came up with a simple pattern, then cut, stitched and stuffed to end up with the Easter Bunny and a carrot. As these were presents for grown ups (and to make them slightly useful!!!), I sewed magnets on the inside backs so they can sit on the fridge.

I was pleased that was where they ended up in their new home.


Anonymous said...

these are adorable!!!

Mark Fitzgerald said...

That's awesome. I bet JT and Macca FELT very special :)

My Black Cardigan said...

Oh Mark... Oh dear... !!!!

Tyroga said...

As the JT in the equation of gift receivers I must say we "felt" (thanks Mark) very special and love our new magnets. They are amazing. The little carrot even has thread to make the texture on the carrot. Such amazing attention to detail and beauty.

Thanks for spending the evening with us. It was great to have you all around.