Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Just 4 sleeps until Easter

I was in a panic yesterday when I realised it was just 4 sleeps until Easter. Even though my kids are not old enough to know it's Easter (or old enough to ask for chocolate....yet!), I wanted to start a tradition of making my children something for Easter.

But what to make? I came up with a few ideas and searched the net but had the problem of minimal time and no chance to get to the shops to buy materials. So given my time constraints and the fact that the kids will most likely put whatever I make them in their mouths, I decided on a knitted Easter Egg each. I found a very cute pattern on Little Cotton Rabbits and headed to my box of knitting stuff.

Because I used the wool I had and kept the pattern on my eggs very simple so I could get them finished quickly, my eggs are a little less gorgeous than the ones on the pattern. But I got them done and it means my kids will get a homemade present for their first Easter. I am happy now!


Cathy said...

They are lovely Nikki! I wish I could knit like that - I am scared of knitting patterns - maybe you could help me there!

My Black Cardigan said...

Thanks Cathy. Sometimes a quick project is good for the soul! I would love to knit with you.

Hoppo Bumpo said...

Well, you've got to love a low calorie Easter Egg! Your's are very sweet. That's a nice tradition you have started for your little ones.

Philigry said...

so cute. that is the most perfect gift. Happy easter!